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Businesses We Serve

If you are planning on doing business with the federal government, the lawyers at Eckland & Blando can help. Our government contracts lawyers have represented large and small businesses on a wide variety of issues.

We are also committed to lowering the perceived barriers to doing business with the federal government. Too often, innovative small businesses choose not to pursue exciting opportunities with the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and other federal agencies based on the notion that only large defense conglomerates with connections in Washington, D.C. can compete for such opportunities. In fact, the federal government maintains extensive programs to ensure that small businesses, especially those owned by veterans, women, and historically disadvantaged persons, obtain a fair chance to serve the needs of the Government. Many small businesses are also well suited to partner with larger companies to pursue opportunities in the federal workplace.

Our law firm focuses its practice on government contracts. If you are planning on doing business with the federal government and/or with state and local governments, please contact one of our lawyers.