Practice Areas

The government contracts lawyers at Eckland & Blando come from varied work backgrounds including successful careers at large law firms in both Washington, D.C. and Minneapolis. We also bring to the table those values, such as hard work and respect for individual rights, which are so central to our Midwest region.

Our Midwest values and backgrounds, combined with our D.C. connections, make us uniquely suited to stand up to the Government on your behalf. Whether at the state or federal level, we never flinch. And we're not intimidated by complex regulations or overzealous regulators. In short, our Government contracts lawyers know what they need to do on your behalf, and they have both the desire and the drive to do it.

If you would like to speak with an attorney about an administrative law issue, please contact our law firm at 612-236-0160, email our administrative law attorneys or submit our online form, which will be reviewed by an attorney at Eckland & Blando. We represent government contractors throughout the United States. Our offices are located in Minneapolis, MN.