About the Firm

The firm was established in 2004 when Jeff Eckland and Mark Blando, two experienced government contract litigators, departed a large firm to establish what has become one of the preeminent government contract law firms in the Midwest. Since its founding, the firm has flourished and expanded, in size and practice areas.

Today, Eckland & Blando provides experienced, aggressive, and responsive legal services to businesses in a variety of industries throughout the United States. Building on our foundation, the firm assists companies of all sizes, ranging from small to medium-sized entities to Fortune 500 corporations, in areas including high-stakes commercial litigation, maritime law, factoring transactions and disputes, international trade, administrative law, takings claims, and employment law.

Our expertise in understanding complex contract matters has also been developed through decades of advising clients on contract drafting and negotiations, compliance and regulatory matters, and internal investigations. Our track record of achieving success in tackling these matters serves us well when advising our clients on the unique challenges they face.

Our attorneys have counseled and represented individuals, partnerships, corporations, and government entities across the country. We have represented clients before state agencies and courts nationwide, including a variety of state and federal trial and appellate courts, the federal Boards of Contract Appeals, the Court of Federal Claims, and the United States Supreme Court.

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Notice the slingshot in our logo?

Our Government Contracts work naturally leads to litigation against the Federal Government, and in those cases, no matter whether the client is a large business or an individual, we are fighting for the little guy – the David to the Goliath of government.

The slingshot is a reminder – and our Firm’s success against government entities at all levels is a testament to the fact – that the little guy can win.

A National Practice

This map shows the jurisdictions where Eckland & Blando attorneys are admitted to practice or have appeared in court.

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