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About the Firm

Eckland & Blando provides experienced, aggressive and responsive legal services to businesses throughout the United States. We assist businesses of all sizes with the legal aspects of their business. Our clients range from small to medium-sized entities up to Fortune 500 corporations.

A Focus on Contracts

Our expertise with contractual matters has been developed during the last three decades by our work with complex business litigation, transactions, and government contracts, and our skill in working with these often difficult and demanding transactions serves us well when assisting the needs of businesses with all manner of negotiating and drafting contracts, sophisticated commercial transactions, and resolving disputes involving these transactions.


The lawyers who make up our firm have decades of combined experience working with business litigation and transactions. Some of our attorneys have experience with large law firms, and we bring that experience in a more intimate and responsive setting.

The members of our firm have counseled and represented individuals, partnerships, corporations, and government entities. We have broad experience in Minnesota, the Midwest, Washington, D.C., and other areas across the country. We have represented clients before state agencies and courts across the country, Federal Boards of Contract Appeals, U.S. district courts and courts of appeals, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, and the United States Supreme Court.

Assistance with Any Contract Matter

Our firm is ready to assist with negotiations, counsel, arbitration or litigation involving your business. Call our Minneapolis office at 612-236-0160.