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Minnesota CLE

Minn CLE info and sign up:

9:10 – 9:55 a.m.
Doing Business with the Government: Opportunities and Pitfalls
Pursuing government contracting may not be the right decision for every business. But the opportunities can be significant. Is the business willing to learn and follow the rules relating to acquisitions? Is it willing to do ongoing, detailed research to find procurement opportunities and take the time to prepare and present offers? Can the business financially support the performance of a government contract that may involve significant start-up costs? Is the business willing to be a subcontractor to companies that are prime contractors? What are some tips for marketing the business to government purchasers? This session will explore these questions and more!
– Robert T. Dube Jr. & Jared M. Reams

1:20 – 2:05 p.m.
Suing the Government – Claims and Disputes in Government Contracts
This session will provide a roadmap for navigating the complicated process of pursuing contract claims against both the Federal Government and the State of Minnesota. We begin with an overview of the core concepts underlying all litigation against government entities, followed by a detailed discussion of the procedures governing claims against the Federal Government under the Contract Disputes Act. We will also address the process for bringing contract claims against the State and we will conclude by discussing the possibilities for negotiation and settlement of government contract disputes. Learn best practices and helpful tips regarding how to start a claim, how to avoid roadblocks, and how best to reach a successful resolution of your dispute.
– Mark J. Blando

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