The Lowdown on Flow-downs: What Subcontractors Need to Know

Join Mark Blando and Rachel Kurth of Eckland & Blando as they present “The Lowdown on Flow-downs: What Subcontractors Need to Know” at the 25th SADBOC Government Spring Procurement Fair, to be held at the Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota at 1:30 pm on April 11, 2024

Mark and Rachel will cover the key points that every government subcontractor should know about which clauses should and should not be “flowed down” from the prime contract terms and incorporated into their subcontracts. This will include an overview of the differences between the tree primary types of flow-downs in government contracts – mandatory, essential, and optional clauses – as well as the rules that apply when the product or service being sold qualifies as a “commercial item” or “commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) item.” Finally, they will offer practical guidance and effective strategies for subcontractors facing negotiations with prime contractors over flow-down clauses. 

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