Eckland & Blando Cited in the Grand Forks Herald

In the Grand Forks Herald article “Grand Forks petitioners take fight over Fufeng signatures to court,” written by Sam Easter, Eckland & Blando is cited as counsel for a group of plaintiffs bringing suit against the city of Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Firm attorney Mark Blando comments in said article, “While the court filings speak for themselves, we believe that the City Auditor, following the advice of the City Attorney, misstated and misapplied the law in an improper effort to kill the valid petition. In the past, the City has allowed votes on selling park land, where to place a pool, and other seemingly mundane topics. … We are confident that the courts will rule in our clients’ favor and that the people of Grand Forks will get the chance to express their will.”

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