Minn CLE “Government Law for the Non-Specialist” Conference

Join Mark Blando, Jared Reams, and Robby Dube on Friday, January 27, 2023 for the Minn CLE “Government Law for the Non-Specialist” Conference at the Minnesota CLE Conference Center.

Doing Business with the Government – Opportunities and Pitfalls
by Jared M. Reams and Robert T. Dube

In this session they will discuss the rules and regulations relating to acquisition and presenting offers while also exploring the start-up costs with federal and state government contracts.

Suing the Government – Tips and Best Practices for Asserting Contract Claims
by Mark Blando

In this session he will discuss navigating the process of pursuing contract claims against the federal government, the state of Minnesota, and local entities.

You can register at www.minncle.org.