Federal Appropriations Law and Ethics Compliance

The United States Constitution requires that “No money shall be drawn from the treasury, but in consequence of appropriations made by law.”

This simple phrase gives rise to a complex set of statutes and regulations that directly and indirectly impacts how the government spends money, with obvious implications for many government contractors. At Eckland & Blando, our attorneys have a thorough understanding of federal appropriations law and how it affects your business.

In addition, government contractors must be aware of the complex and dynamic set of laws, regulations, and rules that regulates the fairness and integrity of how government contracts are awarded and administered. Recent changes to the FAR may mean your business is out of compliance with new specific ethics requirements.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in these areas and keep a close eye on all developments affecting compliance and ethics regulations. We are ready to assist with your compliance efforts or to help you establish a compliance program.

Assistance with Any Compliance Issue

For more information or to seek representation regarding Federal Appropriations Law and Ethics Compliance, please contact the experienced attorneys at Eckland & Blando.