Teaming Arrangements and Subcontracting

More than ever, government agencies are writing contract requirements in ways that call for expertise in many different disciplines. In response, many businesses have sought to leverage the knowledge and experience of other companies in combined efforts to secure opportunities with state and federal agencies. Subcontracting is another way of leveraging the abilities of other firms.

The use of mandatory “flow down” contract clauses from the FAR is often complex and always changing. A clear understanding of the basic requirements is essential for successful subcontract relationships.

The government contracts lawyers at Eckland & Blando can help you understand legal issues involved with forming teams of contractors, including: the meaning and effect of letters of intent, protection of proprietary data and intellectual property, and the anti-competitive implications of particular teaming arrangements.

In addition, our attorneys can assist you by preparing contracts designed to protect your business’s interests, whether you are serving as a subcontractor or partnering with one.

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