Contract Formation and Negotiations

Government contracts are frequently complex and involved. The attorneys at Eckland & Blando have the experience to provide the guidance necessary for clients’ success at obtaining, managing and completing these contracts. Because of our significant experience with litigating claims involving government contracts, we are acutely aware of the elements of a successful and not-so-successful contract.

Strategic Goals. Tactical Advice.

We use our broad experience with contract law, government contracts, and litigation during negotiations and the request for proposal (RFP) stage of any transaction, providing holistic guidance to our clients. We assist at every stage of contract and subcontract negotiations. Government contracts are inherently complex, and the addition of subcontracts only adds to that complexity.

Our firm provides guidance to clients on ways to reduce the risk of litigation and minimize liability should disputes occur. With a strategic view, we advise clients about the tactical risks with any litigation, as well as the potential benefits and costs of litigation.

Our lawyers can help with planning, negotiation, drafting, reviewing, and dealing with later issues such as addendums, change orders and other modifications. Whether from the health care industry, telecommunications, financial services or defense contracting, our lawyers are skilled at helping your business achieve a successful outcome.

Assistance with Government Contracts

Our attorneys are ready to assist with planning and negotiations involving your business and its government contracts or subcontract agreements.

For more information or to seek representation regarding Contract Formation and Negotiations, please contact the experienced attorneys at Eckland & Blando.