Suspension and Debarment

Suspension and debarment pose a serious threat to the viability of government contractors. When the government suspends the ability of an entity to do business with the government, such action can cost you a substantial portion of your business. The government agencies do not see these actions as punitive, but as a means of protecting the government from contractors who allegedly fail to meet the requirements of the contract.

The attorneys at Eckland & Blando vigorously defend our clients against these sanctions and provide compliance assistance to ensure the continued ability of our clients to work with government agencies. Our lawyers are experienced at responding to these procedures and work to quickly resolve these matters.

A suspension or debarment can occur because of multiple reasons, such as failure to perform on the contract or a criminal indictment. They can last from a year to 18 months for a suspension and up to three years in the case of a debarment. The suspension and debarment process also makes your business ineligible for new contracts.

Our attorneys can help your business develop a full understanding of how the process works and how to avoid it, and if you are facing one of these sanctions, our firm can help you respond to minimize the potential damage to your business.

Immediate Assistance with Any Suspension and Debarment

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