Intellectual Property

Your ideas are valuable. Whether you have written a play or an advertising slogan; developed software, a recipe, or a new manufacturing process; or come up with the perfect trade name or patented an invention; the attorneys at Eckland & Blando can help you protect your intellectual property. Our attorneys have represented clients in a wide array of subject matter and are always prepared to learn new technologies to fight for their clients.

We can help you:

  • Understand your intellectual property rights
  • Register a trademark or copyright
  • Sue for infringement
  • Negotiate and draft a licensing agreement
  • Protect your trade secrets and draft non-disclosure agreements

Unsurprisingly, transactions with federal and state governments can complicate intellectual property rules. You should always understand what rights you are giving away by selling your software, invention, or any other IP to the government. The attorneys at Eckland & Blando are adept at recognizing risks to your IP rights during transactions with the government and how to avoid them.

Assistance with Any Intellectual Property Matters

For more information or to seek representation regarding Intellectual Property, please contact the experienced attorneys at Eckland & Blando.