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Commercial Litigation

Our attorneys also recognize that disputes are sometimes unavoidable, and that litigation may become necessary to defend a company’s property or rights. Eckland & Blando’s trial attorneys have significant experience representing businesses in all stages of litigation. Our aggressive litigators have won favorable verdicts in arbitration, before a judge in state and federal court, and before a jury. Our attorneys have also secured hard-fought victories (or reversed an injustice) in appellate courts, up to and including the Supreme Court of the United States. Eckland & Blando understands the procedure and attention to detail that it takes to win.

As importantly, our experienced attorneys understand that business litigation is not a game, but about making difficult business decisions. Our attorneys provide their clients complete and straightforward advice regarding all of the costs and risks of litigation. At every stage of a dispute, Eckland & Blando’s objective is to help secure the future of our client’s business pursuits through fierce advocacy and sound legal advice.

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For more information or to seek representation regarding Commercial Litigation, please contact the experienced attorneys at Eckland & Blando.

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