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Bid Protests (domestic and international)

When you respond to a request for bids or create a business proposal at the request of a government agency, you are entitled to fair and reasonable consideration as a potential supplier of goods or services. If you feel you were treated unfairly, a qualified government contract lawyer can assist you in determining whether to file a bid protest.

“Bid protest litigation” is a highly specialized area of the law with demanding timelines and exacting rules of decision. Because of our experience and dedication to government contract law, we understand the complex set of laws, regulations, and policies that applies to doing business with the government. We can help your business respond appropriately when your business has been subject to questionable treatment.

The attorneys at Eckland & Blando have the experience necessary to help ensure that your business is treated fairly by those awarding government contracts.

Assistance with Bid Protests

Our firm is ready to assist with any issues involving bid protests or other elements of government contract law involving your business. Call our Minneapolis office at 612-236-0160.

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