The Cannabis Law Group at Eckland & Blando LLP provides legal advice and representation in the hemp and cannabis industries. Officed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our attorneys understand the ever-changing laws surrounding hemp and cannabis sales, possession, and use in this highly-regulated industry. 

The interplay between state and federal laws creates unique challenges for business in legal cannabis markets, and we are here to help you stay compliant and to fight for you when you are improperly targeted by regulators and law enforcement. Whether you need assistance in creating and adopting policies, applying for a hemp or cannabis license, appealing the denial of a license, responding to enforcement authorities, negotiating deals, or drafting contracts, we have the expertise and resources to get the job done.


Navigating the constantly evolving US cannabis industry requires staying up-to-date with compliance requirements. Our expert guidance is available to help succeed in this challenging and competitive market.


We are well-versed in the complexities of cannabis licensing regulations and can provide the guidance and support a cannabis business needs to successfully navigate the licensing process, especially within the State of Minnesota.

Administrative Law

We have extensive experience in dealing with government agencies and their complex regulations, demystifying administrative law for clients, and ensuring that agencies are enforcing the law fairly and following applicable regulations.


We offer comprehensive contract services, including negotiation, drafting, and litigation, to protect businesses in the cannabis and hemp industry and help enforce your contracts.

Business Law

We provide guidance on all aspects of starting and operating a cannabis business in Minnesota, including corporate governance, regulatory compliance, and business planning.


We specialize in cannabis litigation, providing comprehensive legal representation in the evolving cannabis industry, including license protection, compliance, and advocacy, ensuring favorable outcomes for our clients.

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